"Vintage" Tattoo Sleeves:
Pin-up girls, sparrows, eagles,
sailboats, and more popular
designs from the good ol' days!
"Japanese" Tattoo Sleeves:
Tigers, Waves, Lotus Flowers,
and Koi Fish
"Tribal" Tattoo Sleeves:
Black and Red popular tribal
"Gangster" Tattoo Sleeves:
Spiderwebs, Skulls, Cadillac,
"Rockabilly" Tattoo Sleeves:
Pin-up girls, eight balls, playing
cards, fire, dice, and more!
Tattoo Sleeves by Tinsley Transfers are a very popular accessory
at Long Island Costume. Made of nylon, they fit on arms like
stockings, so the tighter the more realistic! Tinsley Transfers
Tattoo Sleeves are the best available- you have to see them to
believe them! Tattoo sleeves come in  S, M, L, & XL
For prices and availability, call (631) 434-8094.
"Prison" Tattoo Sleeves:
Black and White "OG"
"Metal" Tattoo Sleeves:
Satan, Fire, Gargoyles, etc.
"Skater" Tattoo Sleeves:
Colorful sleeves for an updated
take on the vintage look.
"Biker" Tattoo Sleeves:
Skulls & Snakes. Just add
leather and studs!
Tattoo Sleeves
"Death" Tattoo Sleeve
Skeleton, Rose, Gravestone,
Lots of Detail!
"Street" Tattoo Sleeve
Ship, flying fish,and a Squid!
"Swinger" Tattoo sleeve
sexy girl
"Thug" Tattoo Sleeve
Skull, cross, guns and of
course ladies!
Click here for the latest in temporary tattoos
for that "something extra" your costume might
be needing!
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