1800's Dress (Florence Nightingale)
1800's Dress  (Louisa May Alcott)
1800's Dress (Kate from Titanic)
1800's Dress (Molly Brown/Titanic)
1800's Dress (Ocean Liner Miss Titanic)
1800's Dress (Colonial Patriotic)
1800's Dress Set
1880's Dress- Green or Burgundy
American Highway Man
Ann Boleyn and King Henry
Arab Prince
Arabian Black/Gold
Arabian Man
Arabian Man Blue
Arabian Man Fuschia
Arabian Man Red
Arabian Red/Gold
Aristocratic Gentleman
Ascot lady
Asian Spice (sexy)
Austin Powers
Baby Boy and Girl  (adult)
Baseball Babe
Bathing Beauty Red
Bathing Beauty Blue
Batman (The Dark Knight)
Batman & Robin (Dc comics)
Batman  (Batman Begins)
Bavarian Beer Girls
Bavarian Girl and Man
Beatles- Sargent Pepper
Beefeater (guard)
Belly Dancer
Betty Boop
Beauty or Belle
Big Daddy Inferno (other styles in store)
Big Daddy Ladies
British Redcoat
Cape, King and queen deluxe
Cape, King red with fur
Caesar White and Burgundy
Caesar's Wife
Calypso Man and Woman
Can-Can girl French
Carmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda ("Cha Cha Cha")
Cat in the Hat
Catwoman (1)
Catwoman (2)
Cavalier and Lady Josephina
Chinese Man
Cinderella (New)
Cinderella's Prince Charming
Clay Man and Clayette (like Gumbi)
Cleopatra Gold with cape
Cleopatra with cape
Cleopatra Gold/Black
Cleopatra Lame
Cleopatra Purple/Black
Cleopatra, Purple
Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile
Clown Blue Vest
Clown Button and Bows
Clown (Jester)
Clown (Jester; Multi Color)
Clown ("Little Miss Prissy")
Clown Patches
Clown Red Dot
Clown (Rainbow Dot Clown)
Clown (Sally and Dan)
Colonial Lady
Colonial Lady Green
Colonial Lady Mauve
Colonial Man and Woman
Colonial Squire
Comedy and Tragedy
Confederate Officer and Soldier
Cossack and Traditional Dress (Russian)
Cruella Deville
Darth Vader
Day of the Dead-Woman
Egyptian King
Egyptian Queen
Elizabeth and Sir Walter Raleigh
Elvis, White
Elvis, Red
Elvis, Black
Fat Bastard
Flamenco Senorita (Red/ Black) and Gaucho
Flapper (Red)
Flapper (Charleston Cutie)
Geisha (NEW)
Geisha Sexy "Asian Spice"
George and Martha Washington
George Washington (New)
Genie, Dream Girl
Gladiator Arena
Greek Goddess
Grinch, The
Guinevere (also in power blue)
Guinevere and King Arthur
Gun Slinger
Gypsy, Lady
Gypsy, Esmeralda
Harem Dancer Blue
Harem Dancer
Harem Girl Gold
Inn Keeper (Like Samuel Adams)
Irish Colleen
Irish Leprachaun
Joker, The (The Dark Knight)
Joseph and Mary
Keystone Kop and Girl Kop
King Arthur
King Henry
King Tut Deluxe
King Tut w/Mask
Knight d'Artagnan
Knight, Dark
Knight (red and black)
Knight, King's
Lady in Distress (victorian)
Lawrence of Arabia
Little Red Riding Hood
Lord and Lady Windsor
Love Boat Captain
Lucy with apron ("I Love Lucy")
Lucy ("I Love Lucy")
Madame Curie
Maid Marian
Major. Nelson and Jeannie
Marc Anthony
Marilyn (Monroe) in White
Marilyn Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Mary and Joseph
Marquis de Sade
Mae West
Medieval Warrior
Mermaid- Hot Pink
Mozart &Lady Amadeus (black and gold)
Mozart and Lady Amadeus (teal)
Nanny  (Like Mary Poppins)
Napolean and Josephine
Ninja Warrior
Nun and Priest
Oktoberfest Guy
Oktoberfest Girl
Peter Pan dark green
Peter Pan light green
Pink Panther
Pirate, Caribbean
Pirates, Buccaneer King and Lady
Pirate, Capt. Hook, Sequined
Pirate Wench
Playboy Bunny
Police- NYC
Prairie Girl
Prairie Woman
Prince Charming
Princess and Prince (Teal and gold)
Princess, Fantasy Renaissance
Princess, Maiden Juliet
Princess Storybook
Priest and Nun
Queen of Broken Hearts
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts (2)
Queen of the Nile
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Raggedy Ann- Racy Rag Doll
Ramses King
Red Barron
Renaissance Maiden
Renaissance Woman
Richard the Lionhearted and Berengaria
Ring Master
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Robin Hood and Maid Marian
Romeo black/gold
Roman Caesar Burgundy
Roman Centurion
Roman King
Roman Lady
Roman Queen
Royal Fantasy
Royal Sultan
Sailor, Whites
Sailor Girl- "Hey Sailor!"
Saloon Girl (Plum)
Samuel Adams
Scottish- Brigadoon Girl
Sherlock Holmes capes
Sheriff and Mortiana of Nottingham
Sorcerer, Mystic
Southern Gent-Rhett Builter
Southern Belle (Belle of the Ball)
Southern Belle  (Black and White)
Southern Belle  (Scarlet Ohara)
Southern Belle  (In pink or burgundy)
Southern Belle (Purple)
Southern Belle  (Green)
Showgirl Red  (not available in blue)
Spanish Dance
Scottish Man and Woman
Sgt. Pepper Band
Sultan Green
Sultan, Royal
Tavern Wench (New)
Three Little Pigs
Toga, Female Purple
Toga, Greek Goddess
Toga, Vestal Virgin
Toga ,Male Purple
Tuxedo Green or Blue or Orange
Vampira Gothic
Vampire Gothic
Viking Man
Viking Woman
Wise Men
Wicked Queen (Snow White)
Witch, Wicked
Wizard of Oz-Tin Man, Lion and  Dorothy
Wizard of Oz-Witch, Scarecrow and Glinda
Yankee General
Zorro Lady
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